Effect of Computer-Base Test and its Implication on Examination Malpractice: A Case Study of Two Hundred and Three Hundred Level Students in University of Jos


  • Amina Mustapha Ibrahim


The study was designed to determine the effect of computer-based test and its implication on examination malpractice among two hundred and three hundred level students of University of Jos. Three objectives were raised to guide the study. Three research questions were answered. A survey research design was adopted and the population of the study consisted of all law students of two hundred and three hundred levels in the University of Jos while a sample of 44 students were selected using simple random sampling technique. A self-developed questionnaire was used for data collection. Data collected were analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentages. Finding of the study revealed that examination malpractice has negative effect in the future for those involved. The study recommends that security cameras should be improved in the examination venues as it will reduce the chance of cheating by the students.