Influence of Poverty on Crime among Youths in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria


  • Amina Mustapha Ibrahim
  • Grema Mohammed


The study was designed to investigate the influence of poverty on crime among youths in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria. Three objectives were raised to guide the study. Three research questions were answered. The study adopted a survey research design. One-hundred and fifty youths were randomly sampled. A self-developed questionnaire with a reliability coefficient 0.88 was used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency counts and simple percentages and graphs). Findings of the study revealed that poverty has influence in youths engaging in crime in the study area and also there was significant relationship between family structure and the tendency to commit crime. The study recommended that government and other relevant stakeholders should come up with youth empowerment programs such as vocational training and skill acquisition programs in order to engage youths and reduce crime rate in the society.