Job Satisfaction Among Nurses Working in Mental Health Hospital at ERADA mental health complex in Riyadh, KSA


  • Amer Ahmed AL Ammari
  • Hamad Hussain ALYami
  • Fawaz Ateeq ALharb
  • Othman ALharbi
  • Abdullah Hamoud ALyami
  • Abdulrahman Ibrahim ALshammari
  • Norah Abdulrahman Mohammed ALsalah
  • Ibrahim Makazi ALarawi
  • Mohammed Abdullah Almutairi
  • Ahmed Hamed Alhejaili
  • Abdullah Saeed Alahmari
  • Hani Mohammed Alghamdi
  • Abdullh Mohamad Almalki


Background: Job related stressors and Job dissatisfaction are becoming an increasingly large disorder. Stress has a cost for individuals in terms of health, wellbeing &job dissatisfaction as Well as in terms of absenteeism and turnover which in turn affect the quality of patient care. Aim: The purpose of this study to examine the level of job satisfaction among nurses working in mental health hospital. Methods: This is a cross-sectional self-administered questionnaire-based study. The participants were staff nurses in ERADA mental health complex in Riyadh. Demographic data and Warr-Cook-Wall Job Satisfaction Scale (WCWJSS) was used. The data were tabulated and analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Studies (SPSS) version 20. Results:  the rate of job satisfaction was close between men and women, and it was noticed that the higher the educational level, there was an increase in the level of job satisfaction for the nurse, as well as some results indicating less job satisfaction in terms of monthly income and the absence of benefits Financial and also a lack of appreciation for the nursing staff who work harder. Conclusion: The level of job satisfaction among the participants was average