• Dr. Aloysius Tumukunde


The study assessed factors that lead to security of women in Makindye division, Kampala District.  It was guided by the following research question; what are the factors that lead to security of women in Makindye Division Kampala District, Uganda? The study adopted a cross sectional case study design. The study population was 110,224 from which a sample size of 56 respondents was chosen from the Married Women, Local Community Opinion Leaders, and Local Council Leaders (LC1) in Makindye Division. The study used primary data, questionnaire Survey and Interview guide were used in data collection. The study found out that; majority of the respondents suggested that; the major factors that lead to the security of a woman was that the Husband Must Communicate His Faithfulness with 40 or (71.4%) response while 6 or (10.7%) said that the Husband must Communicate His Dedication to Provide Financially, others 5 or (8.9%) said that The Husband Must Communicate His Admiration and Love for His Wife and the husband must Communicate that He Cares for His Wife Above Anyone or Anything Except God. The study concludes that; as regards the factors that lead to the security of a woman, bride wealth, which is payment from the groom and/or the groom’s family to the bride’s family at the time of marriage, is a common cultural practice in many African societies. It is often argued that the practice may have negative effects for girls and women because it may promote the view that husbands have ‘purchased’ their wives, resulting in worse treatment of wives; and trap women in unhappy marriages due to the common requirement that some of the bride wealth be paid back upon divorce. One concern is that because of the monetary payment received by the bride’s family at marriage, it may incentivize early marriage, leading to higher fertility. In Makindye Division, the effect of bride wealth on security of a woman has serious implications on marital instability. Recommendations were that; Non State Actors should carryout advocacy programmes that would stop escalation of bride wealth. The Traditional authorities should sensitize their subjects and advise them on serious dangers of bride wealth on security of a woman. There should be a maximum amount of money or materials that should be fixed for payment as bride wealth no matter the socio-economic status of the bride or groom.