Comparison of the portrayal of nature in the poems William Wordsworth and Sumitranandan Pant


  • Dr. Reena Mittal


It is to his work as poet of nature that Wordsworth chiefly owes his general fame. There had in fact, been numerous poets who had loved and described natural objects and scenes; even the eighteenth century was not entirely without them. Other nature poets had been capable also of faithful, accurate description. The new, that is, the Romantic element in Wordsworth’s nature poetry is that the expression in words of sensations aroused by observation of the beauties of the external world. Almost his whole philosophy of nature is summed up in this stanza from “The Table Turned”: -

                       One impulse from a vernal wood
                       May teach you more of man,
                       Of moral evil and of good,
                      Then all the sages can.