Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Nigeria Servicing Science Teachers’ Competency in Teaching Profession in Senior Secondary Schools in Ondo-State


  • Olajumoke Toye OMINOWA
  • Adesoji Olubunmi OMONIYI


This study investigates technological and pedagogical content knowledge of science teachers’ competency in teaching profession in senior secondary schools in Ondo State. A survey research design was used on 628 science teachers and 132 principals in 12 local government areas across the three senatorial districts of Ondo State using multistage sampling procedure. Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Questionnaire (TPCKQ) and Science Teachers Profession Competency Questionnaire (STPCQ) were used to collect data. The findings revealed that male science teachers possessed higher PCK than female teachers, urban science teachers possessed higher PCK than the rural teachers, female science teachers display high level of self-efficacy in the use of technology than male counterpart, the levels of TK of urban science teachers are higher than rural respondents, a significant relationship between science teachers’ professional competency and their PCK and no significant relationship between the teachers’ TK and their professional competency. It is recommended that teachers should focus on the synergy between pedagogy and technology and how it can be implemented within specific content areas. Also, government should equip schools with ICT facilities to enhance integration of technology in science classroom.