Covid19 lockdown impact on Rural economy: A case study of a village in Haryana


  • Harmanender Singh


The History of humankind evolve by struggling with Nature. Human race faces a lot of troubles in their history like World War I and II, Global financial crisis or Great Depression in 1929-34, epidemics like Black death, Plague, Smallpox, Ebola etc. So this time again it builds the history as per Yuval Noah Harai: the world after the Coronavirus (Financial Time). Every epidemic or pandemic of their time had horrified impacts on the human society. Perhaps at present the coronavirus disease called the Covid19 may also be the most dangerous pandemic to the whole world. How much this pandemic is dangerous to mankind, you can imagine by the movement of Covid19 epicentre from China’s Wuhan to Europe’s Italy to USA’ New York city. Every country take their appropriate action to tackle the Covid19 outbreak such as social distancing, contact tracing, lockdown, curfew etc. and research & development to make vaccine. Perhaps it will functioning well or not, as China has gained control over the covid19 pandemic but USA most powerful nation facing the problem of continuous increase in the number of infected cases, Italy continuously reported the increasing number of deaths and India facing the problem of their large number of poor masses, casual-informal labor, agricultural community in villages and migrant laborers from many metro cities due to the decision of sudden unplanned lockdown by our PM.