Platelet Rich Fibrin: The “Wonder Bio-Material” To Enhance Recession Coverage with Lateral Pedicle Flap


  • Pranesh Sundaresan
  • Dr Rashmi Paramashivaiah
  • Dr Prabhuji MLV
  • Dr Cherukuri Aswani


Labial gingival recession in the anterior region has been one of the most important treatment challenges for periodontists owing to their varied etiology. Among the procedures for treatment of isolated gingival recessions, it is ideal to perform a pedicle flap procedure. Thus this case report combines the lateral pedicle flap with the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), an enriching bio-material for the treatment of isolated gingival recession. A 42 years old male patient reported to the outpatient department of Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences and Hospital. On examination, Millers class III isolated recession was observed in relation to 41. Surgical procedure involved placement of a vertical incision 3 mm away from the gingival margin from the distal line angle of the adjacent tooth and upto the base of the recipient site to elevate a full-split thickness flap laterally rotated flap. Platelet Rich Fibrin was prepared in situ according to Choukroun’s protocol and placed upon the defect prior to suturing for enhanced postoperative healing and was followed up for 1 month. Recession coverage obtained by this technique in the initial healing period showed that combining PRF with LPF was a promising alternative.