Performance Analysis and Implementation of Routing Protocols for Security Attacks


  • Shivani Soni
  • Kushboo Sawant


The next generation communication network has been widely popular as an ad hoc network and is roughly divided into mobile nodes based on mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) or vehicle nodes based on the vehicle's ad hoc network (VANET). VANET aims to maintain traffic congestion by keeping in touch with nearby vehicles. Every car in the ad-hoc network works like a smart phone, which is a sign of high performance and building an active network. The self-organizing network is a decentralized dynamic network, as vehicles are constantly moving, efficient and secure communication requirements are required. These complex are more vulnerable to different attacks, such as hot hole attacks, denial of service attacks. This article is a new attempt to investigate the security features of the VANET routing protocol and the applicability of the AODV protocol to detect and manage specific types of network attacks called "black hole attacks Sybil attack and DDoS attack. A new algorithm is proposed to recover security apparatus of the AODV protocol, and a mechanism is introduced to detect attack or prevent system from being attacked by the source node this simulation set up performed on matlab simulation.