A Study of Causes of Stress and Stress Management Among Youth – A Global Perspective




Stress is a condition of mental pressure for particular individuals facing problems from environmental and social well-being which leads to so many diseases. Young age is the critical period because at this time youth face lots of changes in his/her life. They are expected to be the elites in the society. Thus, they should enhance their stress management abilities so as to live a healthy life after entering the society. When a child enters into the youth age, he needs to not only adapt himself to the new life and new environment but also be familiar with many new people, events, and things. Therefore, understanding the sources of stress among them and how they can cope with stress is very important. The researcher found that stress mainly comes from academic tests, interpersonal relations, relationship problems, life changes, and career exploration. Such stress may usually cause psychological, physical, and behavioral problems. This study finds out the causes of stress among youth. So, after identifying the causes of stress, the researcher suggests that more emphasis can be given to development stage of child into adolescence. They should be brought up in a positive environment. More emphasis should be given to the outdoor activities and create hostile learning environment by minimizing the negative impact of stress. The findings will help the individual students, scholars, lecturers, career and counseling centers.